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HP Envy Printer Fax Step Up Process

This Document helps you to setup the HP Envy Fax and Copy connection for your HP printer. After completing the setting up process you can send and receive faxes from your fax-enabled printer. The setting up process will differ based on the configuration, here we discussed about the HP Envy Fax and Copy basic setup process which requires DSL modem and telephone answering machine.

HP Copy process: Guidance to make copies of your documents and photos with your HP printer.

Touch or Text-Based Control panel: Place your document or photo on the scanner glass or in the automatic Document feeder depending on your printer features and type. Choose Copy, Copy Document or Copy Photo from the printer’s control and you change the basic HP Envy Fax and Copy settings based on your preference. You can access the HP Envy Fax and Copy settings option with the help of setting icon.

Unplug the telephone device or other networking equipment from the phone jack.Plug phone splitter into the phone jack. Connect one end of the phone to one the phone splitter’s port and the other end of the cord to the line port of the DSL modem.Plug DSL filter to the unused side of the phone filter. Plug Phone cord to the DSL filter and connect it to the rear end of the printer.Now connect another phone cord to the printer’s rear end and telephone answering machine to complete HP Envy Fax and Copy setup.

To optimize the HP Envy Printer faxing process

Prevent loss of data by lowering the fax speed. Set fax rings two rings higher than the telephone answering machine. You can resolve basic connection related issues by turning off the error connection mode. You can receive faxes automatically if you have enabled the auto answer option.

How to send a fax?

Turn on your printer device, make sure that the printer is in ready state. Open the scanner lid of your faxing machine, place the paper with print side downward in the upper left corner of the scanner lid. Make use of the Automatic Document Feeder if you want to send multipage document, align the stack of paper that you want to send and load them into the ADF with printed side up. Adjust the paper width guide toward the paper, don’t push it so tightly since it may bend the paper. “Document is loaded” message will get displayed on the printer’s display, enter the fax number using the printer’s number pad. Choose the send button the printer will start to scan the pages and send the document.
2-Sided Copying and ID copy: To copy both sides of the paper, you can turn on the feature by turning them on in the setting or selecting the box from the setting based on your printer model. Allows two users to print both sides of the identification card or driver license in a single side.
In addition to that you can set the size, To change the size of the copy, custom sizes lies between 25 to 400 percent of the original size. You can also set the paper size and type in which you are making copies. If you fail to select the paper type, it may result in the slowing of the copying process. Enhance the copying process and improve the printing quality by specifying the document type.


Button Based Control Panel

Printers that have basic control panel can quality support only basic copy functionality and some default HP Envy Fax and Copy settings. Place Pain or Photo Paper in the main input tray. Load the page with print side down in the scanner lid, with the guide on the edge of the pane. You can copy multi page document with Automatic Document Feeder. Load print side up in the printer and print side down in the mobile printers. Press Black copy button or the color copy button, press the button multiple times to increase the copies. The printer will start to copy after the last button press.

Two-Sided Copies

Copy on the both sides using the 2-sided copying feature in the printer’s control panel. Find 2-Sided Copying under the HP Envy Fax and Copy settings menu. Turn on the two-sided printing and look for two-sided copying option and use 2-2 sided option to copy two sided original or 1-2 sided option for two-sided original and one-sided copy.