HP automated Tools

HP Automated tools will help you to identify the basic printer related problems related to networking, system preferences and hardware devices. This tool actually uses installed and other applications from the online , it may not detect and solve every problem, but it is a useful tool that saves your time and effort.
In your windows, search for HP Troubleshooting and open the Troubleshooting window. If you are using the Troubleshooting tools for first,then it may prompt you “ Do you want the most up to date content available for troubleshooting? ” choose Yes. If you choose no, you can again turn on this service just by checking the box of Get the most up-to-date HP troubleshooters from the window’s troubleshooting service.
Find and run the Troubleshooting Tool that match with your operating system version. After solving the problem, a report is automatically generated in the action center that displays the messages and resolved problems that has automatically fixed. In Windows search for HP Troubleshooting and open the Troubleshooting window. Choose your category from the Troubleshoot computer problems and choose the tool that you want to run and follow those instructions. HP Troubleshooting tools automatically the printer issues, some issues will get fixed while running the tool.When the tool finishes the process ,you can close it and you can verify the problem by running the troubleshooter again. If the issue is not resolved, you can use another troubleshooter tool and use Additional HP troubleshooting options to get more help.


123 HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP print and Scan Doctor is a free tool provided by HP to diagnose and resolve the printing and scanning issues. You can easily download and run HP Print and Scan doctor which automatically solve several HP troubleshooting tasks. HP Print and Scan doctor provide instant solutions for your basic printer related issues. You can easily resolve the various print and scan related problems with these instructions. HP Print and Scan Doctor is easy-to-use as they come with their own instructions.

123 HP Support Assistant

123 HP Printer Installing and Using HP Support assistant

Make sure that you have the latest version of HP support assistant. If you have any problems with the existing HP support assistant, download it from the HP Official website. Search for HP support assistant in windows. You can change the default settings if needed, create your profile page will display. Enter the needed information and remember the password that you have typed. Click Save after giving those details, Sign-In page will get displayed input your User ID and password to Sign in. HP Support Assistant instantly opens My Devices windows.

Changing 123 HP Support Assist Settings

To get automatically updated, choose Install important updates automatically when possible. For Important and recommended updates, click install important and recommended updates automatically when possible. You can view more install options by choosing More options. To choose your updates, Check for updates but let me choose when updates to download and install. You can also avoid the update process by choosing Never Check for Updates. You can view the Data collected by HP by clicking View computer data collected and sent to HP during HP scans and updates.

Service Management

You can easily access the subscribed services and get information about the other available services like smart field, Instant Ink and care pack from the My services category.

HP Support options

When HP Support Assitant can’t resolve your issues, you can get support depending on your product, location and warranty status. Choose Support in the HP support Assistant Tab and select your location. Choose the box that has computer to get computer support. You can also get assistance for other devices by selecting the box that has the device name. Support Resource Windows will get open choose Helpful tips to get helpful tips. View a list of HP Troubleshooting and fixes, Connect with HP support forum, to communicate with trained technicians, Dispute your warranty and register for HP Care Pack.

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