123 HP Printer Setup, Printing and Scanning process

Start the HP printer setup by getting rid of all the packing materials. Remove all the taping materials, If you are using All-in-One printer look into the scanner glass and remove all the packing materials.  Make sure that you have removed tape materials inside the carriage and paper input tray. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear end of the printer and the other end to the power outlet. You can easily set the language, time and country/region in the printer’s control panel.

Open the Ink cartridge access door, Start the HP printer setup process after the cartridge got inactive and silent. Get rid of all the ink cartridge packing materials before inserting them into the carriage. Close the cartridge access door and just follow the instructions for the HP printer setup. The printer will instantly print an alignment page which helps user to check with the quality of the printer .You can easily complete the alignment process by following the guidance from the printed alignment page. Determine your printer stack load type and load plain white paper into the main input tray, move your paper width guide until they get rest against the edges.

Visit HP Official Website and enter Printer model in Software and Driver Downloads. Choose your OS version and it may suggest your printer software and driver based on your operating system version. Choose Install Download Software and select the connection type if prompted by the software and follow the onscreen instructions. You can easily register your printer device, while installing the printer software. By registering your printer you can easily access support, service information and relevant solutions for HP printer setup. You can easily achieve instant ink Cartridge Replacement Service by Signing Up for Instant Ink. If you have registered in HP Instant Ink then you don’t need to purchase replacement ink cartridges from the retail store. But Instant Ink service is available only in some countries.

123 HP Printing Process

Here are some instructions that guide you with the printing process

After the HP printer setup, choose the file that you want to print and open the file on the computer screen.  Select Print from the file menu or Press Ctrl and P from the keyboard. A Printer Pop-up window will get displayed where you can edit/change your print settings. Choose the printer to which you want to send the job.  After making the desired changes, Choose Print option.

Scanner Glass

Lift open the scanner lid and place the item to print side down on the scanner glass. You should place the items with engraved guides along the glass edges.

Faxing Process

Before starting the faxing process, check with the HP printer setup and connection process.  Load the sheets into the input tray and adjust the width guides.  Most of the multifunction printers have separate fax options.  You can also modify the fax settings before confirming the faxing process. Input the fax number, to which you want to send the fax, ensure that you have mentioned the dial and other extension codes which can easily direct the call correctly. Finally, press Start  Send or Go button in your printer.

Scanning Process

For the Scanning Process, you are required to install a software. Ensure that Full Feature Software and Drivers is downloaded and Installed. Visit Customer Support and choose Software and

Driver. Downloads. Place the input item into the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document feeder based on your printer type and features.

Automatic Document Feeder

Place your item into the document feeder tray. The printing side should face up and the top edge should go into the tray first. Gently move the item into ADF make sure that you hear a tone or a message on the printer’s control panel. You can adjust the paper guide to fit the item with the printer.

Open HP scan and follow those on-screen instructions to complete the HP printer setup. Scan your document and save it in the desired location .You can change the scan destination by using the advanced settings of the HP printer setup.

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