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123 HP AirPrint Setup for DeskJet Printers – 123.hp.com/setup

This Document helps you to easily print wirelessly through HP Air Print Setup. AirPrint Facilitate to easily print from iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac computer. AirPrint is built-in into most popular printer models.

It provides some features such as easy discovery, automatic media and enterprise-class finishing options. AirPrint can provide full functionality without any printer-specific drivers, it was targeted towards iOS devices and easy to make a WiFi connection through WiFi access point.

123 HP AirPrint Compatibility

Make sure that your printer device is compatible for HP AirPrint Setup, Mac Computer of Mac X10.7 and later versions and iOS device of 4.2 and later versions support HP AirPrint Setup. Make sure that you have applications which can be used with AirPrint. You can easily use Airprint feature from any printing application of a Mac computer. But AirPrint is supported in only certain applications of iOS devices. Use AirPrint feature from Mail, Photo, iBooks, Safari and other Third-Party printing apps on iOS device.

Connecting a Printer to the same wireless network as your apple device

You can easily use the AirPrint after connecting your printer to the same wireless network as your apple Device. Switch on your printer device and make sure that it is in the ready state. Connect your Printer to the wireless network, it should be noted that AirPrint don’t support USB connection. Ensure that your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Mac computer is wirelessly connected to the same wireless network, Laptops can be easily connected  via Wired or Wireless Network.

Latest Printer Firmware for Computer

Some of the older printers may require firmware update to use AirPrint feature. Visit HP Official Website and Choose Drivers and downloads and enter your printer name and number in the search box. Click Go and select your printer device from the list of results. Set your preferred language and operating system from the drop-down list.  You can get more information about the firmware file from the firmware section. Find Best upgrade Method by using the ReadMe file. After Updating the Firmware restart the printer device.

 Changing AirPrinter’s Name

If there are multiple printer models are connected to the same network, you can use the distinguished Printer’s name to select the printer. These HP AirPrint Setup Steps help to easily change or add printer which makes it easy to recognize. To Open Embedded Web Server, input your IP address or host name in the URL field of the Supported Web browser. Choose the Networking tab and select Wireless Direct Setup. Enter Network name in the SSID field and enter the printer name to be used for HP AirPrint Setup and choose Apply.

AirPrint Configuration

If the printer is connected to the wireless or wired network, then your iOS device will automatically detect the printer and it does not need any additional process. Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch should have a responsive internet connection, Choose your Printer’s AirPrint name from the WiFi Network list. Configure the wireless Direct of your Printer device. Select Wireless menu from the printer’s control panel. Select Wireless menu from the printer’s control panel, choose wireless direct ensure that the setting is ON for HP AirPrint Setup. To Print by Wifi  your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices should have an active internet and connection and select your printer’s AirPrint Name from WiFi Network List. Choose WiFi networks from your Apple device’s settings. Select your printer name under Choose a Network.

AirPrint Configuration for Mac Computer

You can easily print without any special driver or software  if you have an AirPrint Compatible Printer connected to your Mac DeskTop of 10.7 and later versions. You can easily configure the printer to Airprint using the HP AirPrint Setup if it has an active internet connection. If your device don’t have an active internet connection then check airPrint Comptabile by wireless Direct.

Follow these instructions to complete the AirPrint Configuration

Open Printer’s control Panel, choose Wireless Direct from the Wireless menu, this option will enable the users to print directly with no internet or WiFi connection. Choose System Preferences from the menu and select print & scan.  Select (+) in the left pane. Choose your printer device in the nearby printers. Choose Print Using or the Use box and select AirPrint and click Add to add a printer to the queue.