123 HP DeskJet 4729 Printer Offline – Troubleshooting Instructions

In some cases, a HP DeskJet 4729 Printer Offline message will get displayed on the printer’s control panel. The printer can’t perform its job if the Printer Offline. Follow these steps to solve the HP DeskJet 4729 printer related issues.

123 HP Print and Scan Doctor

You can Install special version of HP Print and Scan Doctor from your Computer if it has Windows 10 or Windows 8. HP Print and Scan Doctor help you to find a solution for the HP DeskJet 4729 printer offline condition. If don’t have Windows 10 or Windows 8 operating System Version skip these steps and continue with another solution.

Open your web browser and search for HP Print and Scan Doctor. Choose Download or Install and run the exe file from your computer Device. HP Print and Scan Doctor Software will get open after running the exe file. Choose Start and select your printer device, If your printer device is not listed choose Retry. Follow the guided instructions by HP Print and Scan doctor to solve HP DeskJet 4729  Printer’s Connection Problem and select Fix Printing. If HP Print and Scan Doctor can’t resolve the HP DeskJet 4729 printer offline issue continue to next step.

123 HP Print Environment

Sometimes Reactivating the printing Environment can resolve the HP DeskJet 4729 printer connection issue. Follow these instructions to restore the printer connection on your device. Turn off your printer and wait for about 10 seconds and unplug the power cord from the printer device. Now switch off the printer device that you are using to print. Plug power cord back into printer and connect the other end to the power outlet, for better performance connect it to the direct wall outlet. The Printer will get instantly turned on after connecting the power cord,if it does not use the power button to turn on the printer device.

 Restart the router if you are using a wireless connection for printer devices. Disconnect Power cord from the router and the internet connected may get interrupted because of this resetting process.Rest your router for 10 seconds and reconnect the power cord to the router and make sure that the router’s activity light is active again. Press the wireless icon and choose wireless icon from the HP DeskJet 4729 printer’s control panel to work with a wireless connection.Wait until your router gets connected to the printer device. Now Switch on your printer device and connect the power cord to the rear end of the printer. Try to print after fixing the wireless router connection, if the HP DeskJet 4729 printer offline issue is still not resolved to continue with the next step.

Choosing A Default Printer

After installing another printer driver, the default printer driver may have changed. Change your default printer to previously installed printer driver and make sure that the HP DeskJet 4729 printer is not set for offline users. Search Devices from windows and select. Devices and Printers from the result. Choose the active HP Printer (not grayed) and set it as a default printer device. Now try the printing process, if the HP DeskJet 4729 printer offline issues is still not resolved try with another solution.

Reinstalling the printer Software

Reinstall the printing software may help you to resolve the problem that may be acquired in the installation process. Unplug the USB cable from the printer device. Search for Windows and Features in windows and open Programs and Features from the results. Choose an HP DeskJet 4729  Printer Software from the list and complete the uninstall process. Now Restart the computer device and reinstall the HP Printer Software. You can get software from the installation disc that came along with your printer or from the official HP site. If the issue is still not resolved, continue with the next step.

Updating Printer Driver

After trying mentioned steps and procedure if your printer is still at offline, it is better to update your printer driver. Search for Windows Settings from your device and select devices. You can also open windows setting by the Winkey+I short cut. Choose Devices and printers, select your printer device from the list and right-click on the device. Select Remove Device to complete the process. You can either update printer driver manually by the Official website guidance or just use the Driver easy software which instantly find your needs and suggest printer driver for your printer device. Download and Install Driver Easy in your device. Run Driver Easy .exe file and choose Scan now, Choose the update button next to the printer which instantly download and install the driver depending on the version.

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