123 HP Envy Printer Scan Setup

Scanner Setup

For the HP Envy Scan Setup, install the full feature driver from the Official HP website and complete the printer connection setup for the computer. HP Scan software is supported by the HP printers released after 2011 which provides all types of scanning functions. Enter your printer model number and choose download next to the Driver-Product Installation software.

Stick on to the HP Envy Scan Setup instruction’s to complete the printer connection and select the software as HP scan. Place the document print side down in the scanner glass and close the scanner lid. If you want to scan multiple pages, use Automatic Document feeder and you can scan multiple page documents at one time. Don’t load photos in the ADF since it may damage photos and the printer. Now try to scan from your printer device, most of the device have a scan button or a touchscreen with scan menu. Choose your Computer name and select the scan type. Your Computer will automatically opens the scan saved folder after the scanning process.

Search for HP in windows, to open HP Printer assistant enter your printer model name. Select Scan a Document or photo to start the HP Envy Scan Setup process. Select the shortcut that matches with your file type and resulting action you want. Choose Show Scan Preview or Show Viewer After scan to modify the file before saving it. Select Advanced settings and choose destination and then select browse next to save location to change the default scan location. Choose Save icon to save the shortcut settings.


123 HP printer Scanning from your computer device

Download Driver-Product Installation software. Use guided HP Envy Scan Setup instructions to connect the printer. Select HP Scan software if prompted to select the recommended software. Place your document on the scanner glass or in the automatic Document feeder based on your printer type and features. Do not use PDF to load photos since it may damage the photos or the printer. Search HP in windows and choose your printer model name. HP Printer Assistant will get instantly open and choose scan a Document or Photo. Select the shortcut that matches with your file type and resulting action that you want to perform. Modify the available settings in the right pane and click scan.

HP Printer Scan to Email Feature

Based on your Printer Model and email application that is being used you can easily add a scanned document as an attachment with email. It is required to change some of the options in the printer’s control panel or you can also use HP Scan of the computer. There are some basic requirements to use the HP Envy Scan Setup to email feature such as this feature works only with local email client Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail or Mozilla Thunder Bird. Your Web-Based email accounts should be configured by your local email client.

If your Printer has touchscreen or LCD menu control panels, choose your computer name from the Scan menu of the printer. Use instructions from HP Envy Scan Setup and Choose Email as PDF or Email as JPEG then a new email message will get displayed on the computer. It is to be noted that, some of the Web-Enabled printers have built-in Scan to Email app in the Apps menu which directly sends email using the printer’s ePrint email address.

If Your Printer has button based control panel, Search for HP in windows and select your printer model name from the result to open HP Printer Assistant. Choose Scan a Document a Photo and open HP Scan. Choose one of the email-related shortcuts and click scan. Make use of the scan preview to make required changes and click send.

Other HP Scanning apps or methods

HP and Microsoft have formulated some developed some tools and apps to scan from your windows computer.

HP Scan and Capture app supported in Windows 10 and Windows 8: You can easily scan the documents and photos using the scanner glass or by using the computer camera. Make sure that you have installed full-feature driver before starting the scanning process.

Microsoft Paint supported in all Windows versions: Search for Paint in windows and open paint desktop app. Choose file or the menu icon and click From scanner or camera.

HP Smart app supported in Windows 10:  Search HP smart in the Microsoft store. This app supports many scanning tools using which you can make required changes in the scan preview.