123 HP Officejet Printer Driver Software Download

This document acts as a guideline to the administrator for downloading and customizing the HP OfficeJet and OfficeJet Pro printers. It also shows the way to choose the printer, checking the features and drivers that have installed and the way to deploy the printer to target the computers. It provides the way to reduce the size of deployed package, firewall requirement details and also other technical details.

HP Officejet Printer Driver Software Download
What we need

Get the following details before starting the installation process

  • Windows operating system type
  • Version of your operating system
  • Working language of the operating system
  • Printer’s connection type
Customizing the Installation

Stick on to the following steps to for the installation of OfficeJet and OfficeJet pro printers.

  • Copy the files of driver and software
  • Create a command for selecting features and for the customization of the installation
  • Gather the files for distribution
  • In the client computer install the software an drivers
  • Connect the client computer with the printer

Update the software

The IP address or the host name of a printer may change after the installation of the printer,the software can’t detect the new IP address or the host name if it an off-subnet printer
By following these steps you can update the IP address or host name of an installed printer

  • Choose HP from All programs and select the HP printer name and click update IP address.
  • If there is more than one printer choose the printer you want to update the IP address.
  • To enable the search button type the IP address and to ensure the IP address click the search button.
  • Once you enter the IP address the Save button will get enable,to save the IP address in the field click Save button.
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