123 HP OfficeJet Printer Troubleshooting

In this document we are going give solutions for the issues in your OfficeJet printers

123 HP Offline Printer Setup

Printer is offline message displays on the computer, follow these steps to solve the issue

Using HP print and scan doctor for checking connectivity

  • Download the HP Print and scan Doctor
  • Run the exe file and choose your printer.
  • Click fix printing.
  • If the issue is not solved go to next step

Print environment resetting

  • Switch off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the printer
  • Turn off the computer and wait for 10 seconds and turn on again and check whether if you can print
  • If the issue is not solved go to next step

Set the default printer

The default printer may have changed, Make sure that the desired printer is the default printer

If your Cartridge is missing:

If the Cartridge is missing or Incompatible cartridge message displays, processed with these steps to solve the issue

  • Check whether the cartridge are compatible:
  • Check whether the newly installed cartridges are compatible with your printer by visiting HP sure supply
  • Inspecting and resetting the cartridges:
  • Turn on the printer and release the cartridge out of its slot,if there is any tape around the nozzle remove it. Repeat the same process with other cartridge on the other side and close the cartridge access door
  • Cleaning the electrical contacts
  • Take out the cartridge from its carriage, Disconnect the USB connection of your printer
  • Check whether it has any ink or debris buildup. Clean the copper-colored cartridge using the foam-rubber swab, lint free cloth and distilled water. Allow it to dry before connecting it again
  • If the issue is not solved follow to next step
  • Reinsertion of the cartridge
  • Cleaning the contacts of cartridge
  • Reset the printer

Finding Wireless Password

We need network password to connect a computer, phone or other wireless device to a wireless network. Internet Service Provider gives you the network password when you subscribe for an internet service. You can get the password from the original paper work that came from your ISP or from your wireless network. The password maybe named as an wireless key,security password, WPA2 password, WEP key.

Network password on the label of a router

a. Search and open View network connections from the windows search
b. Right click on your network and click status
c. Choose wireless properties and select security tab
d. To view the wireless network security key select “show characters”

123 HP Printer Network scanner error

When the computer or the scanner is not found and the scan fails,stick on to the following steps to solve the issue.

Step 1:  Confirm whether the issue is related to printing

By following these resources we can resolve the issue of connection error that occours while printing and scanning

Check whether the cable is connected to the printer’s Ethernet port and to the available port of the router, restart the router, printer and computer if the green ink is not steady and orange activity light is not blinking

Step 2: check the settings of scan driver and restart the device

  • Switch off the printer and check whether the power cord connects directly to an electrical outlet
  • Close all the running programs, shut down the computer
  • Switch on the computer and printer
  • Search your printer model and choose your printer from the result
  • Click Scan a Document or photo if HP Printer assistant gets open
  • Click scan settings to get information about the scan connection status,settings and preferences
  • If your printer is not available in the list proceed to install the HP software for your printer

Step 3:  Connection status of the network and printer:

  • Check whether the printer is connected to a network
  • 4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency bands are not supported by all the HP printer bands
  • To get the information about the network name and status of the connection place the mouse over the network icon
  • Reconnect to your network if the connected network is not yours
  • Place the computer and router closer to the router to make the connection strong
  • Check whether your network is working properly if the network status is not connected
  • If an airplane icon gets displays, turn off the airplane mode and connect it with your wireless network

Step 4: Print and scan doctor

A free tool is provided by the HP to diagnose and solve the printing problems, Download the tool and click fix scanning to get the results of the printing issues and their fixes

  • The white checkmarks means that the printer passed the test
  • The blue wenchmark means that it had found the issue and resolved it
  • The yellow exclamation means that the testing processing failed and user needs to take action
  • Follow the on-screen instructions if the red mark is displayed

After spotting the issue you can:

  • By clicking the test scan ,the print and scan doctor launches the HP scanning software to do a test scan
  • Click quit if there are no additional issues
  • Click Support and troubleshooting if there are still scanning issues

Step 5: Printer software uninstalllation:

  • Search Uninstall a program in a window and choose Uninstall a program control panel setting from the result
  • Choose your HP printer from the result and click Uninstall
  • Stick-on to the instruction to complete the software removal process, restart the computer


Step 6:  HP software Reinstallation

Search for the current version for the full feature software of your printer by visiting thw HP customer support page

  • Switch on the printer and disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  • Visit HP Customer support-Software and Driver Downloads page and select your printer model
  • By using HP Download and Install Assistant you get a guide for driver download and installation
  • By choosing download only you can manually open the driver file by your internet browser’s download tool

Step 7: Windows Image Acquisition settings

Window image acquisition is a service which supports the communication between the computer and scanners

  • Search for view local services in windows
  • Get the status and startup type values from the name column of windows Image Acquisition
  • WIA is running smoothly if the status is started and the startup type is automatic
  • If the status is disabled go to properties and click the general and change the service status to start and startup to automatic

Step 8: Disabling the firewall software

Firewall software blocks the threats from the outside network but it may also block the communication between the network printers. By using the Print and scan software you can disable the firewall software

  • Go to Print and Scan Doctor, Select Network and choose Troubleshoot Firewalls
  • Choose your firewall software and disable the status
  • Try to scan

Print Queue traffic

The printer cannot do the print job if the print job got jammed in queue. The jammed print jobs cannot be cancelled or deleted and we cannot continue the printing process either. The cancel or delete button won’t work
• Look at your printer and computer screen
• If there is any error condition that exist clear them and try to print again

Network Driver Setup

The HP print driver and software that downloaded from the HP website uses the guided installer to set your printer for a Wi-Fi or wired network connection. Follow these steps if the installer can’t find your printer during installation
Step 1: Restart the computer, printer and router
• Disconnect the power cord off the router
• Close all the running programs.
• Reconnect the power cord
• Check whether the issue is resolved or not

Step 2: Printer and network connection status
Step 3: Connecting the printer to your network manually
Step 4: Reset the Print system
Step 5: Reinstall the HP software