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HP OfficeJet Pro Printers mainly used for printing high-quality documents and it  provides reliable results . HP OfficeJet Pro Printers  targeted to help home users and small business enterprise users. HP OfficeJet Pro Printers provide high-speed output while using duplex printing mode. The Duplex printing mode enables the user to print both sides of your paper simultaneously. This type of printer helps you to save time and it is also cost-effective.
The HP OfficeJet Pro printer provides professional color outputs at an affordable price. It is suitable for business people who want to get professional printing output at a pocket-friendly budget.


Make your HP OfficeJet  Pro Printer Setup process easy by following these instructions from 123.hp.com/setup.

List of HP OfficejetPro Printer Models – 8 Series


123 HP Printer Design Features

HP OfficeJet Pro is designed with an automatic document feeder which prints both sides of the pages simultaneously. It has a colour LCD touch screen which allows the user to easily print without the process of pressing buttons.HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup will help to make the setup process easy.

123 HP Printer Additional Features

The HP OfficeJet Pro printer has some features which make it better than its competitors. The printer’s performance would be efficient and you can easily the printer from anywhere. You can easily access the printer from anywhere and make instant prints out after HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup.

You can get HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup and installation support from the official HP website support.hp.com.

Make use of our step by step instructions for the HP OfficeJet Pro Installation process and to check the printer’s compatibility with your operating system.

Fix your corrupt outdated printer devices, you can solve all the problems such as paper jam error, printer spooler error fixing, paper jam, cartridge jam and PC hang issue.

123 HP OfficeJet Pro Printer Setup

Step 1: Take the OfficeJet Pro printer out of its package and get rid of all the tape, stickers and packing materials, stickers and tapes from the printer’s control panel display. Pull open the ink cartridge access door on the left side of the printer and remove all the packing materials inside the ink cartridge access door. Open the input tray door and pull out the paper tray towards you, remove the packing materials and push it inside.

Step 2: Unpack and remove the tapes, get the duplexer out of the box.  Hold the duplexer by its sides by using the rollers. Insert the duplexer into the slot in the rear of the printer and push it into the printer until it gets snapped into its place.

Step 3: Take the paper tray out of your HP printer from the packed box and remove all the packing materials and tapes from it. Place the paper tray in the flat area and place the printer above it.

Step 4: Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and connect the other end to the power outlet.

Step 5: Turn on your printer. Set your preferred language, country/region and date/time using the printer’s control panel. Touch yes, to confirm your choice.

Step 6: Open the input tray door and pull the paper tray toward you. Move and adjust the paper width guide to its outermost position with the short edge being forward with the print side downward direction. HP OfficeJet Pro facilitates the users to add additional paper trays.

Step 7: Lift open the ink cartridge access door until it gets snapped into its place. Take out the ink cartridge that came along with your printer package. HP Envy support gives guidance to work with ink cartridges. Carefully use the black plastic on the ink cartridge access door to remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge. Don’t make contact with copper-coloured or with ink nozzles and don’t replace the protective tapes of the contacts. Touching these parts may cause ink clogs, failure and bad electrical connection.

Step 8: After placing the ink cartridge in its position, an alignment page will get printed automatically. Follow the guidance on the page for the ink alignment process. Lift up the scanner lid and carefully place the alignment page to print side down on the scanner with the guidance of the engraved glass. Close the scanner lid and choose OK in the printer’s touchscreen control panel.

Step 9: Download the latest version of the printer driver from the HP official website, mention your operating version and start the printing process.

 HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Setup

For the auto HP OfficeJet pro wireless setup, you don’t need network name and password as you are going to work with Wi-Fi. Check whether your HP OfficeJet Pro printers are compatible with your operating system. Connect your device to the printer using dynamic IP address and 11 b/g/n wireless router with 2.4 GHz connections. You can download the HP software driver from the HP official website support.hp.com or from 123.hp.com/setup. Mention the network type as a wireless or wired network connection. Select yes and choose the connection type as wireless. You can make the HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup process automatic just by using the auto wireless connects.

  • You need the following items before starting the HP OfficeJet pro wireless setup 123.hp.com/setup process.
  • You need SSID and network password. Connect your computer and printer to the same wireless network.
  • Download the driver software directly from the 123.hp.com and check with the compatibility of your operating system.
  • Choose the network type and select yes.
  • Use your USB cable to send the wireless information from the printer to the computer.
  • Disconnect your USB cable and wait until you are prompted to connect the USB cable.
  • Turn on your device and search for HP Printer control panel, make use of the buttons and icons in the colour LCD display to ease the printer’s functionality.
  • Know more about the control panel display from HP OfficeJet Pro support
  • Switch on the printer, choose the setup button in your control panel and select network menu.
  • Choose your wireless network under the HP OfficeJet Pro wireless setup 123.hp.com/setup wizard.
  • Mention your wireless network name and password as input. After mentioning the network name and password, you will be automatically connected to the network.

Clearing OfficejetPro Printer Paper Jam and its Prevention

Make sure that your printer device is turned off. Open the ink cartridge access door, stick on to the on-screen instructions and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. Carefully remove the paper that’s been stuck between the printers and take away the paper slowly. Close the ink cartridge access door and click Ok on the printer’s control panel, follow the instructions of HP OfficeJet pro support 123.hp.com/setup  to continue with the printing process.

  • Make sure that you have placed an only limited stack of sheets, since the overloading cause paper jams.
  • Paper Jam may happen when you can’t collect loads of sheets from the output tray. Make sure that you have collected the printed papers from the tray.
  • Check whether the paper is in good condition because the cracked and bent paper may cause paper jams.
  • To prevent misalignment and jams during the printing process, fix the dimension and the width issues, ensure that the paper size is uniform.
  • Solve all the paper and printer related issues by using the HP OfficeJet Pro Printer setup 123.hp.com/setup
  • Don’t mix different type quality of papers; try to use paper of the same quality and type. It may avoid Paper jam
  • Never add paper in the input tray during the printing process.
  • Switch off the printer before adding papers to the input tray.

 Print using Smart devices

There was a requirement of either USB cable or wired network for printing documents using the smart devices. You just have to run the HP OfficeJet Pro Printer setup or the printing app on your device for the HP OfficeJet Pro printer installation and to start the printing process.
You can easily print documents and images by installing the HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup on your mobile and smart device. Share your document with the software to easily print wireless. Install the printing app on your device and open the printing app, choose the document that you want to print. Share the document with your printing app. HP OfficeJet Pro printer setup 123.hp.com/setup helps the user to easily setup and start the printing process. The Printer uses the Wi-Fi directly to receive the document and start the printing job. It would be difficult to HP OfficeJet pro install the software to your Mac or apple products. Because the device is usually highly secured and won’t allow the other software to interrupt into their basic functions.

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