123 HP Printer Setup and Driver Installation – Troubleshooting Instructions

Now we can install the ink cartridge into the carriage. Open your Ink cartridge access door, wait until your cartridge get idle and silent. Remove all the packing materials inside the Cartridge’s Carriage. Place your ink cartridge inside the allotted space of the carriage. Most of the printers have separate blank and tri-color cartridge space.

After HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup, Printer automatically prints and alignment page. Complete your ink alignment process with the printed alignment page. Find your Stack Load type and input stack of white paper into the main input tray; adjust the paper width guide until it get rested against the edges.

For Software and Driver downloads, visit official HP website. Input your OS version it may suggest printer driver software based on your operating system version. Install the printer driver software and choose the connection type during the installation process. During the HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup register your printer device.Once you get your printer Registered you can easily access support and service information, get more relevant information for printer Setup. Instant Ink offers easily ink cartridge replacement. Once you get registered with HP Instant Ink you don’t need to get your Replacement Ink from the Retail store, it should be noted that the Instant Ink is available in only some countries.

Here, We provide basic instructions to make the Printer Setup process easy. Take your printer device out of the box and gently remove the packing materials. Your printer may have plastic covers and other packing materials inside the scanner glass.

Ensure that you have removed tape and packing materials inside the ink carriage and input paper tray for HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup.After the basic Printer setup, Connect one end of the power cord to the rear end of the printer and connect other end to the power outlet. Make use of the printer’s Control panel to set printer’s language and preferred time with country/Region.

123 HP Printer Driver Installation

You can download the full feature driver from the CD that came along with your printer device or from the HP official website. After HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup you can connect your printer and computer either by using the USB connection (where you want to connect one end of the USB cable to the rear end of the printer and other end to the Computer) or by the wireless Connection (Use Wireless Setup Wizard and Enter your network name and password).

Search for Devices and Printers in the Windows. Select “Add a Printer” then “Choose a device or printer to add “windows will open. If your printer device is not available in the List, You can manually add them by “Add a Local printer or network with manual settings”. Choose HP or Hewlett Packard from the Manufacturer pane, complete the HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup with on-screen instructions.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting Instructions – HP automated Tools

It is free tool which helps you to easily sort out the basic problems related to HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup. This tool can’t identify all the problems but it is cost and time effective. Download the troubleshooting Tool that supports your operating system. Mention your problem in the Troubleshoot computer Problems and follow the instructions to fix the issue. Troubleshooter lets you check whether the issue resolved or not, if the troubleshooter can’t fix the issue you can use Additional Troubleshooting Options

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting Instructions – HP Print and Scan Doctor

Download HP Print and Scan Doctor which automatically solve some of the troubleshooting tasks. HP Print and Scan Doctor is a special tool which lets you to easily diagnose and resolve basic HP Driver Installation and Printer Setup related issues. HP Print and Scan Doctor provides instant solution for all your printer related issues, it is reliable and easy-to-use as they come with instructions.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting Instructions – HP Support Assistant

HP Support assistant is software that helps you to troubleshoot HP computer and printer related issues. It provides other services where users can read important messages, run diagnostics, HP troubleshoot their problems and even provide information about the warranty.

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