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Changes to the policy

We highly recommend you to go through the privacy policy before accessing the website information. information are updated often. We used to collect your personal information and bank details. And we assure you that they are safe with us. We don’t use the information for any other purpose before informing to the users. The details we collect will be deleted after a time being.

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We cannot assume any liabilities for the damages by using the service from our website. On your visit, your data can store as cookies but it doesn’t mean we are doing any data analysis. The processing, duplication and utilization of the information on the website needs proper written permission from the admin of the website. No prior information and plagiarizing the content can be seen as a criminal offense.


Cookies are small files used to store the user information on the computer they are using which are collected from the website. So the collected information is subjected to all the guidelines and privacy policy. Cookies can improve the traffic of the website by tracking the user navigation through the website. doesn’t collect any miscellaneous information of the user. In the same way the user gets the option to block and disable the cookies anytime. By doing so the user won’t get any timely updates from the site and can’t access some part of the website. These cookies are saved to improve the better usage of the user. The cookies save the personal information and process them to improve the website.

Responsibility of users

We are not liable for any resulting issues. So give the information which are asked for and don’t give more than being asked. Users of have the rights to limits of processing under limited circumstances. Our experts can collect your personal information while troubleshooting your printer issues. And that personal information is safe with us and they are abiding by the website rules and regulations.

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