Scan Using Scan Software and Other Scanning

Scan Using Scan Software and Other Scanning

Use the HP website to install the full feature driver and set up the printer connection to the computer. HP driver package that released in 2011 and later supports all types of printer’s scanning function.

Scanner setup

  1. Visit HP customer-software and driver downloads page to download the driver and software by entering the model number of your printer.
  2. In driver-product installation software select download that is next to the full feature driver
  • To connect the printer stick on to the guided setup instructions, select the software to install and recommended HP scan
  1. Close the scanner lid after placing the document or the side that has photo printed to the down of the scanner glass
  2. To scan multiple page documents at a time use automatic document feeder (ADF), avoid using ADF while loading photos since it can damage both printer and the photo.
  3. Most of the printer models have a scan button or a scan menu. Choose your computer name and scan job type. Once the scanning process is completed return to the computer. open the folder in which the scan is saved, you can view the scan by opening the file.
  • If you want additional scan functions or there is no scan button in your printer proceed with following steps to scan
  • In windows search for HP and select your printer model name from the results to open HP Printer assistant
  1. Choose Scan a document or photo to open HP scan
  2. Choose the shortcut which provides the desired file type and resulting action
  3. Follow these steps to change the way scans are handled and saved
  • To preview and edit the scan: select the show scan preview or show viewer after scan to make changes in the scan
  • To change the save location of the scan: Select advanced settings or more, click destination and select browse which is next to the save folder or save location
  • To save the settings choose ok or save icon

Scanning documents or photos into the computer

  1. To install software and driver visit HP customer support-software and driver downloads page and enter the printer model. Choose download that next to the full feature driver which under the Driver-Product Installation software
  2. To connect the printer stick on to the setup instructions and choose the software to install and recommended HP
  • Based on your printer type and features load your document or photo in the scanner glass, document feeder slot or in the automatic document feeder
  1. Search your HP in windows and choose your printer model name to open HP Printer assistant and choose scan a document or photo to open HP scan
  2. Choose the shortcut that matches the file type and resulting action you want and make the necessary changes in the right pane and click scan

Saving multi-page documents or multiple photos as a single PDF file

Ensure that you have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer before saving multiple pages or photos as a PDF file using HP scan software

  1. To scan multi-page document or photo into 1 PDF file
  • Using PDF document-related shortcuts save multiple photos into one file
  • Resolution settings should be 300 DPI or lower
  1. Search HP in windows and to open HP Printer Assistant choose your printer model from the results
  • Choose save as PDF or document to file in the HP scan
  • Choose save, if your pages are scanned from the ADF,all the pages would be automatically saved into a single page
  • If scanned using the scanner glass. Place the next page or photo on the glass and press the plus button in the HP scan preview window for scanning the next item. Repeat this process until all pages and photos are scanned

The save as type should be PDF,choose the file name and folder in which you want to save the scan

Scanning for email

  1. Make sure that the following requirements to scan for email feature.
  • Local email client such as Microsoft outlook, live mail, Mozilla thunderbird should be installed in your computer
  • You should configure the web-based email accounts (gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail) by your local email client to scan. For additional information check your local email support
  1. Start the scanning process based on your printer type
  • Touch screen or LCD menu control panels: choose your computer name from the scan menu of the computer and choose Email as PDF or Email as JPEG
  • Printers without scan to email menu option: follow the next step
  • Search HP in windows and select your printer model to open HP printer assistant and then choose Scan a Document or photo to open HP scan
  1. Choose one of the email related shortcuts and click scan, the scan preview will open
  2. To send email with attached scan click send

Connection error displays

If connection or communication error occurs while trying to scan there might be a network issue, failure of software installation or the printer is in error state

  1. Network scanner connection error

When the computer or the scanner is not found, communication or connection error displays. Follow these steps to resolve the issue

  • Check whether the issue is related to printing
  • Restart the device and check the settings of driver scan
  • Check the connection status of network and printer
  • Run the print and doctor scan
  • Uninstall the printer software
  • Reinstall the HP software
  • Check the settings of windows image acquisition
  • Disable the firewall software temporarily
  1. USB scanner connection error

When there is an error in USB connection. Follow these steps to resolve the issues

  • Restart the computer and printer
  • Check the USB connection
  • Run the print and scan doctor
  • Uninstall the printer software
  • Check for installed printer devices
  • Reinstall the HP software
  • Check Windows Image acquisition settings
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