Terms and Conditions – hp123.org

hp123.org is a third party independent website. These terms and conditions represent the service acceptance. Read the terms and conditions to continue with the service of the website. hp123.org is not meant to create any relationship between the site and the user. And the website is only for the informative purpose we are not liable for the actions after using the information on the site on commercial basis. We don’t give any warranty to the data information mentioned in the website. hp123.org strictly prohibit the commercial use of the website information. We can terminate the service anytime when you don’t meet all the requirements mentioned. Please review the terms and conditions since it can be updated anytime. The security issues are taken care with secured server.

Agreement Guidelines – hp123.org

hp123.org is all about giving printer assistance with easy guidelines to setup and install the printer driver. We have no connections are any tie-ups with the manufacturer of the brand mentioned in the website. The usage of the information mentioned in the site is your sole responsibility. The unofficial usage of the content mentioned in the website without any prior information is considered as an offense. We decide every action and assure you that your data kept in a secure way. The copy, reproduction, transfers and transmit of the content mentioned in the website is restricted. And the agreement continues until the termination of the website. If we found anyone plagiarizing the content of the website we can take legal action against them. The logos, description, images and information mentioned in the website are not licensed. The data produced on the website is reliable, correct and completely produced after stages of verification. Don’t use the website for any illegal process. Users can’t change, alter and misuse the content of the website. Content of the website can’t be plagiarized. Planarization is considered as criminal offence.

End User License Agreement

hp123.org is a third party service provider for printer setup and configuration. You cannot proceed with the usage of the website unless you are accepting the terms and conditions. You have to cooperate with us since the website can be updated time to time. Users can use the site as a part of it and not for any other purposes. You can unsubscribe the printer plan with us anytime when you feel no more satisfied with us.

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