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HP DeskJet Printer uses the ePrint service to support the multiple devices. ePrint offers a way to print just by using your email irrespective of the location. It is a free web-based service. Make use of the HP official website support.hp.com to download and install the HP DeskJet Printer, where the setup procedure is provided in detail. For the Latest and updated version of DeskJet printer and driver software, download it from the www.hp.com/123

HP DeskJet mainly offers the domestic functionality of the printer. It is pocket-friendly and also user-friendly where the users can easily operate their printer to perform the basic functions. It is well suited for home, office and personal users.It can easily work with Wi-Fi and USB cable.Make the printing process easy by connecting the printer to your Wi-Fi home network.


You can easily print from your iPhone and iPad by using the AirPrint Setup. DeskJet Printers also provide attractive colour printing at an affordable price.

The Printer has an LCD touch on the control panel where you can easily use the printer’s feature. It also has an automatic document feeder which takes several pages and feeds as input from the user and feed them one by one to the scanner and copier machine.DeskJet printer meets all your expectations at an affordable price.It also has an easy www.hp.com/123 setup process. You can easily connect your PC, iPhone, Windows and Mac computers to your printer by using the setup instructions. It provides faster results in better quality.

123 HP Deskjet Printer Features

This printer has been designed with some additional features which make it provide better results and perform faster than its competitors. You can work smoothly and efficiently where you access the printer from anywhere. It also offers wireless technology where the users can easily utilize the printer services and make use of the printing services. Sometimes, problems may arise during the wireless setup process, adding a new printer device, during the installation process, basic scanner and printer errors, paper jam and blank paper issues. You can download your printer software from www.hp.com/123 just by mentioning your printer model number.

123 HP Printer Setting Up Process

  • Start your setup process www.hp.com/123,Take the Printer out of its package and carefully remove the tape, plastic and other packing materials.
  • Open the scanner lid and remove all the packing materials inside the lid.
  • Open the ink cartridge access lid and remove all the packing materials and close the ink cartridge access lid.
  • Take the output tray out and pull out the main paper tray.
  • Remove all the tape and packing materials from the photo tray. Push the paper tray inside and slide the paper width guide.
  • Get rid of all the packing materials inside the paper tray. Place the output tray back to its position and push the paper tray until it gets locked in its position.
  • Make sure you got all the information and other hardware materials out of the box before recycling it.
  • Connect the one end of the power cord in the back of the printer and connect the other end to the power source.
  • Turn on your printer by pressing the power button. Mention your preferred language in the printer’s control panel and touch continue.
  • Mention your country/Region. Set Date and time by choosing Continue setup.
  • To install the ink cartridges, open the ink cartridge access lid. Take the ink cartridge out of its package.
  • Remove the orange tape carefully, don’t touch copper-coloured contacts or ink nozzles.
  •  We should handle this part carefully since it may cause clogs, bad electrical connection and also ink failures.
  • Carefully place the tri-colour cartridge in the left slot and a black colour cartridge in the right slot.
  • Pull out the input paper tray. Move the paper width guides as far as possible, align the paper carefully and load it into the input tray.
  • Carefully move the paper width guide carefully, don’t push it too close since it may bend the paper. Push the input tray into its position.
  • An alignment page will get printed after the alignment process to confirm that the alignment process is successful.
  • If the alignment page does not get printed, choose a setup icon from the printer’s control panel and select printer maintenance www.hp.com/123.
  • Choose Align printer, Stick on to the onscreen instructions to complete the alignment process successfully.

123 HP Printer Software Installation

You can install the printer driver software by using the CD that came along with your printer but sometimes it may have an outdated version of the software. To get an updated version of the driver software with more features visit www.hp.com/123 site and mention your printer series number.

Installing Electronic Help

  • In the Windows 8.1 Operating system, to get help for working with your printer. Click on the Down arrow in the start screen lower left corner. Choose Help and select your printer name and start to search www.hp.com/123.
  • In the Windows 8 Operating System, to get help, Search for all apps in the app bar and choose printer icon and Help
  • In the Windows 7 Operating System, to get help choose to start, all programs and select HP. To get help information, select your printer name.
  • In the Windows Vista or Windows XP Operating System, to get help choose to start, all programs and select HP. To get help information, select your printer name.
  • In OS x, Choose help and click help centre. Choose Help for all your apps in the Help viewer window and choose the help for your printer.

Troubleshooting Issues

  • Make sure that you have connected the power cord to the printer and the power outlet. The power flow should be stable. Turn on the power button to start the printing process.
  • Make sure that your USB connection is secured. Download free diagnostic utility tools from the HP website hp.com/go/tools which will be useful for solving the basic printer issues.

123 HP Printer Installation in Windows Operating System

  • In Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system, click the right upper corner to open the charms bar and choose settings icon, Tap Control panel and choose view devices and printers
  • In windows 7 Operating system, Search for devices and printers in the start menu to easily troubleshoot the printing issues
  • In Windows Vista Operating system, click start and search for control panel and printer.
  • In Windows XP Operating system, Click start and search for the control panel, printers and faxes
  • Ensure that your printer has a check mark next to the circle. Right-click on the printer icon and select “set as a Default Printer “in the menu if the printer is not selected as the default printer.
  • If you can’t still start the printing process, remove the CD and also disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  • Reinstall the software from www.hp.com/123 or by using the CD after restarting your device. It is not advisable to use the USB cable.

123 HP Printer Installation in Mac Operating System

  • Choose printers & scanners from the system preferences of www.hp.com/123 and open the printer queue.
  • Select and open the print job. Make use of the following buttons to manage and use the print job. Press cancel button to cancel print job, to continue the paused job press resume.
  • Try to print after changing the printer’s control panel settings.
  • Restart your device and reset your printer, if the printing process is not successful.

123 HP Printer Support Features

HP DeskJet consumes less power and you can save up to half of the energy when using it with the energy star. It also helps to save paper as it uses duplex printing technology where it can automatically print 2 pages at a time. Scheduled ON and OFF is one of the important functionality, which also saves up to 40 % energy. You can recycle the HP cartridge by using the HP Planet Partner. For faster results reload less amount of paper. Link your mobile devices to the printer to use the HP ePrint Service, where it can print up to 19 pages in a minute. Visit support.hp.com for further assistance.

123 HP Printer Mac Support

Make sure that you have the following required items for the proper printer set up. Check whether your HP printer supports Mac version 10.6 and their updated versions.

  • Connect your printer to a network it may be wired or wireless network.
  • Your computer and printer should share the same network. Click the wireless icon and select Wi-Fi setting on your printer’s control panel.
  • Choose settings and select wireless setup www.hp.com/123 and set the network based on your preference.
  • Enter the credentials details and check whether the connection is established successfully or not.
  • Try to print Network report page to check whether the connection is successfully or not.
  • Connect your Mac computer to HP Printer. Select system preferences under the Apple menu.
  • Choose print and fax from the hardware selection. Choose (+) icon on the printer’s left panel to add a new printer.
  • Choose  continue to install the new printer and test print for checking the alignment.

HP DeskJet Printer Wireless Setup

Verify you have the latest driver software, download software from www.hp.com/123 that supports your printer and operating system. Switch on the Computer and printer, your computer and printer should share the same wireless network.

Download the software from the HP site and stick on to the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. It may prompt you to choose the connection type.

HP DeskJet Printer support Automatic wireless connect

Verify whether your computer operating system supports Windows Vista, Mac OS X as the installation process needs printer support. Ensure that your printer is connected to the wireless connection. To retrieve network settings www.hp.com/123information, set your computer to the USB. Connect your computer to your network over 2.4 GHz. Your printer does not use static IP address while connecting it with the auto connect mode.

HP DeskJet Printer Wireless Protected Setup

Wireless protected setup offers two types of connectivity modes for wireless connection. Use PUSH button method or PIN method.
You can easily use push button method using WPS. Verify whether your printer and device support WPS push button.
The wireless should have physical button and the network should support WPA or WPA 2 security. For more detailed instinct visit take a look at the manual www.hp.com/123.

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